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Vin Ramos was born in Loíza, Puerto Rico. He is one of those multifaceted artists who wins you over with his great talent, his smile and humility. Her passion for the arts and beautiful disposition energizes any artistic endeavor of which she is a part. You may have seen him representing Puerto Rico in La Voz, doing his thing in Guerreros or on Netflix with his in the series “She’s Gotta Have It”. But many do not know that Vin has many years of training in classical dance and that he will also join Batey if they let him. He does not forget his roots and right now, more than ever, he ties himself to them to launch projects that represent where he comes from, what he has experienced and who we can be.

He is a passionate romantic about life. A person who seeks balance within his work, his space. He dedicated himself to art. He loves to sing. She loves to dance. He loves acting and drawing. He likes to work as a team and seek balance to be well and so that others are well too.

Elvin Ramos was born on October 18th in Loíza, Puerto Rico. Vin, as he is called by his three siblings and family, showed a love for music and acting from a very early age. He soon joined his fathers sacred music group where he became one of the choristers at a very young age.

Upon entering middle school, Vin began to stand out in the majority of musical activities and plays presented in the school aside from other community events and also became a master of ceremonies at the age of 11. During all these experiences, he developed a passion for acting, singing and performance. It was then that he began acting lessons with Lillian M. Ortiz. At home, he self taught himself to play the guitar and sing while listening to audio cassettes and books as a guide. At the age of 13, Vin was accepted at the Jose Julian Acosta School of Theatre in San Juan. After a long conversation with his parents, he pleaded and convinced them that he was willing to take public transportation in order to go to the school even though the school was far from his home. During the years at this renowned school, he developed an even stronger passion for theatre and he immersed himself in this world. He didn’t mind the long bus rides to and from the school because this is where he wanted to be and wanted to do.

He graduated as one of the four High honor students of his class and also won best actor at the Leopordo Santiago Lavandero’s Theatre Festival, a annual performance evaluation . The four years at this school, helped prepare him for his future as an actor and by developing his skills as an artist.At age 18, Vin was accepted into the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. Here he continued his studies in the Drama department with a concentration major in Acting. His goal upon entering the university, was to train as a multidisciplinary actor. So, he decided to do a second concentration minor in Vocal Technique in the music department, trained by Margarita Castro Alberty. During his time at the university, Vin was blessed to be a part of the University’s Theater Company.

He had the role of the Moon in “Blood Wedding” by Federico García Lorca (2016) and then he was part of the Repertorio theater company where he played Papa Guee in the Broadway Musical “Once on This Island” in its first ever Spanish adaptation(2017). While attending the university, Vin was also scholarship student at Ballets de San Juan, the first and premier classical ballet school in Puerto Rico. Here he trained as a dancer for 6 years from age and had the opportunity to perform with the company as a student, in several theaters around the country. While studying drama, music and ballet, Vin also was part of Escena Latina, the most recognized children’s theater company in Puerto Rico. With this company, he managed to perform in all the renowned theaters in the country. From the Fine Arts Center of Santurce to the La Perla Theater, in Ponce. Vin Ramos’ passion and obsession with the arts still grew but he knew inside that there was more to experience. This was just the beginning.

 In 2014, at the age of 19, Vin joined the San Juan Drama Company, a theater group for young adults with which he was able to travel to Mexico City to continue training as an actor in “M y M studio” by the renowned Mexican actress, Patricia Reyes Espíndola. During his time with the company, he starred as Matt in “The Fantasticks” and played Levi in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”Both productions we’re the first Spanish adaptations of these Broadway musicals.

At 19 years old, Vin had to put his training on hold. He was chosen to be part of “The Legend of 21”, a musical show that tells the story of the acclaimed baseball player Roberto Clemente. Thanks to this project, starring Modesto Lacén and Lorraine Velez, he had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and Pittsburgh in the United States. In 2015, Vin resumed his studies and became part of “Polimnia”, the Physical Theater company of Puerto Rico, directed by Iván Olmo and managed to perform at the 12th International Mime and Physical Theater Festival in the Caribbean.

At 22 years old, Vin got he’s first role on the big screen playing Chico in the puertorican film “Dos Caminos”, directed by Luis Enrique. This motivated him to train more as a film actor. He then decided to produce his second acoustic guitar concert, in which he presented several of his original compositions, with the intention of raising funds and traveling to the International Film and TV School in Cuba.

In 2018, Vin resumed his training as a dancer at the School for the Performing Arts by Waldo Gonzalez in Guaynabo, a company with which he was able to travel to Laredo, Texas and be part of the cast of the Broadway Musical musical “In The Heights” as an ensemble member. While being part of the show, Vin managed to complete his graduate studies by celebrating his graduation while on stage. It was then that he was selected to play Pacheco in the Netflix TV series directed by Spike Lee “She’s Gotta Have it 2”, which filmed various scenes in Puerto Rico. Continuing his development and career as a theater actor, Vin manages to be part of the musical “Mamma Mia”, starring the singers Ednita Nazario and Denise Quiñones in which he played the character of Pepper. This show was presented at the Sala de Festivales Lus A. Ferrer in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While participating in different musicals, he was also very busy filming many commercials for television and film. He has participated in commercials for Smirnoff, Ariel, the Department of Health, Department of tourism and many more.

In 2019, Vin’s musical career takes a turn when he became one of the first contestants on the talent show, La Voz US, (The Voice) in its first Latin edition in Miami. Finishing the program, he decided to produce and record his first musical song “Game Over” in collaboration with Ivonne Acero, a singer whom

he met on the TV Show. With this project, he put his creativity to work also producing his first music video. At the end of this year, Vin managed to be part of “Guerreros”, a family reality show of physical competition produced by Wapa TV, in Puerto Rico and produced his first musical theater show “El Callejon de Santurce” which he also wrote, composed, choreographed, and interpreted. This was presented at the Victoria Espinosa Theater in Puerto Rico to rave reviews. In 2020, his first musical theme as a social activist “Déjame Respirar” was released in response to the racism wave that began to intensify after George Floyd’s unnecessary murder and at the end of the year he managed to produce “Despierta Borinqueño” an audio visual project, in collaboration with several artists from his country, in search of awareness of their identity as Puerto Ricans and their power to influence their future as a country. This project achieved such an impact, that it is currently impossible to measure its global success since it was shared by various medias and platforms.In 2021, Vin achieves his first leading role in a play, giving life to Nacho in “Minuscules Loves” in Puerto Rico also presented at TVC in Santurce. During this same year, he also brought to life Ronnie, a Puerto Rican, in Telemundo’s upcoming TV series “La Mujer de Mi Vida”, directed by Miguel Varoni in Miami. Returning to his love for music, his first passion, Vin decided to produce his second single “Última Balada” where he also produced and created his music video integrating his skills as a dancer. In 2022, Vin had the chance to play the famous choreographer, Kenny Ortega, in the hit Broadway musical “On Your Feet” directed by Luis Salgado, another internationally known dancer, choreographer and director, for the first time presented in Puerto Rico. In 2023, Vin decided to move to Spain for five months where he continued to train as a film actor at La Central de Cine in Madrid. Upon completing his studies, he flew to Mexico to take on the role of Number Juan in the upcoming comedy film “TECHNOBOYS”achieving his first supporting role alongside Luis Gerardo Mèndez, Karla Souza, Gabriel Nuncio, Luis Rodríguez, Daniela Vega, Fernando Bonilla, Mónica del Carmen, Joaquín Ferreira, directed by Gerardo

Gatica and Luis Gerardo Méndez. Soon after in December of 2023, Vin was blessed to be part of the upcoming TV series “Coolie”, a story that takes place back in 1861 where he gave life to a slave named Mosca, next to Mauricio Henan, Louise Wong, Pedro Fontaine, Camila Arteche, Siang Chiong, Inti Deus , Laura Diaz and many more talented

actors, the film was created by Eileen Choo and produced by In-Ah Lee and Edward ‘Ed’ Buhr.This is quite an accomplishment for that young boy looking to fill his heart with music and fulfill his life with art.



La Mujer de mí Vida

Character: Ronnie Wilson
Year: 2023

She´s Gotta Have It

Character: Pacheco Colón
Year: 2019

Dos Caminos

Character: Matino
Year: 2017