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Victoria Viera, is a Mexican-American (dual nationality) film, theatre and television actress, singer and influencer. Her artistic career starts at the age of six acting in Tv commercials for Mexico and USA, before she was featured in Netflix, indifilm, musical theatre and televisión. To date she has appeared in 5 Tv series, 5 Mexican soap operas (upcoming her 6th soap opera in 2024), piano and singing recitals, as well as musical theater.
Victoria´s musical interests compel her to belong to SIVAM (foundation that supports young Mexican artists, mainly opera talents). Through SIVAM she has performed in Spain and other prestigious venues in Mexico City.

As for her actings studies and skills these include a 2-year acting diploma, courses and workshops for casting, screenwriting, and private acting classes, as well as piano and singing lessons.
Last year was a perfect example to delve into Victoria Viera´s diverse acting skills, and also serves as a testament to her commitment to deliver powerful performances across a spectrum of genres. From spinechilling moments to heartwrenching narratives and laugh-out-loud comedy, they all form a rollercoaster of emotions that leaves an indelible mark.
Her prowess in La Hora Marcada, where she seamlessly transitions between assertiveness, innocence, fear and raw rage, crafting a multi-dimensional performance that leaves a lasting impact.

Later venturing into darker narratives, scenes from Ellas Soy Yo unravel a compelling story of manipulation and child abuse. Viera skillfully navigates the complexities of her character, depicting an overpowered victim, prey to a pedofile, her mind manipultated to its limits. She is skillfull to portray intense and thought-provoking roles with authenticity.

And as the year progresses, we get to experience the lighter side of Viera´s talent with comedic punch lines in Familia de Diez comedy series. Her impeccable timing and delivery bring humor to the forefront showcasting her versatility as an actress who can effortlessly switch between genres.



La Hora marcada

Character: Clara
Year: 2023

Ellas soy yo, Glori Trevi

Character: Heidi Ramírez
Year: 2023

Una familia de diez

Character: Victoria
Year: 2023

SOS Me estoy enamorando

Character: Ana Fernández
Year: 2022

Se busca Papa

Character: Laura
Year: 2020