Patricio José


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Mexican-Spanish actor born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He trained at the Televisa Artistic Education Center. He has taken workshops with Alonso Iñiguez, Fernando Piernas and Isabel Cortázar in Mexico and with Salvador Calvo the improvement workshop at Estudio Corazza in Madrid.

In theater he debuted as an actor and producer of “MMF: love, desire, attachment and people who don’t understand the difference” under the direction of Valeria Fabbri, a work that was presented at the Lucerne Forum.

In cinema he was part of the cast of “Without Blood”, the film adaptation of the novel with the same name by Alessandro Baricco, playing Tito, the young version of the protagonist, under the direction of Angelina Jolie filmed in Rome. He was part of “Papá o Mamá” under the direction of Ernesto Contreras. Among other feature films.

On television he has participated in projects such as “I have to die every night” directed by Ernesto Contreras for Paramount+, “El Galán” second season for Star+, Luis Iturbide in “Eternamente AmNOS” and currently with Renato Esquivel in “Vivir de amor”



Papá o mamá

Character: Vicente Joven
Year: 2023

Eternamente amándonos

Character: Luis Iturbide
Year: 2023

Tengo que morir todas las noches

Character: Mateo
Year: 2023

Bloom (cortometraje)

Character: Anthony
Year: 2022

Amores Permitidos

Character: Floor Manager
Year: 2022

La isla de las Muñecas

Character: Daniel Siller
Year: 2021