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LATINVASION is the link that will fuse together all levels of communication. It is the creative bond that will globalize your goals and ideas. With today’s rapidly increasing technology and immense demand levels, your information needs to be precise, proficient and direct.

LATINVASION is the means for taking care of that process, so that others will take notice and marvel, making sure that your assists and events will be recognized by their merit.

LATINVASION is a public relations firm specializing in multifaceted artistic management. It is the perfect bridge for artistic and creative minds of all genres. Under our care, you will find actors, singers, athletes, television anchors, composers, producers, directors, photographers, stylist and make-up artist.

LATINVASION represents those who make news and leave their mark. Our purpose is to offer personalized services to meet your specific needs. We strive to be the company whom you delegate important activities, including the publicity and marketing of your product, person or company.

Our Team
Joe Bonilla

The Boss

Starmaker: The BOSS. 

Daniel Avion
Daniel Luna

Chief Creative Officer Co-Chair, PR and Publicity

Fabricio Banda

Managing Director Co-Chair, Mexico